Uniform Shop

​​​​​​​Open Hours - Term Two and Three 2024

Tuesday - 12.30pm - 4.00pm

Thursday - 12.00pm - 3.30pm

Please note that hours may be subject to change.

Closed Public Holidays

For more information please visit www.socshop.uniformgroup.co.nz

The Uniform Shop is located in Tulloch House

This is the brick building beside the entrance driveway

House Badges

House Badges will now be sold from the main school office for $9.00


The new-look Hoodie (black) is now available to purchase. The Hoodie is a non-compulsory item. Please note that this Hoodie will be sold out of the NZ Uniform shop located at 92 High Street (Open 6 days a week). The price is $95 and this includes a screen print on the back with your name or initials. The screenprinting can be ordered at the same time you purchase the Hoodie.

Dress Code 

Excellent personal presentation is encouraged and expected at all times.  

The following regulations apply to the uniform at all times: 

  • The blazer is to be worn at all times in public/on the street. This applies in summer and winter unless the weather is extremely hot and students are advised otherwise.   
  • The cardigan is not to be worn by itself in public/on the street. 
  • All uniform items must be clearly named, clean, tidy and untorn.  
  • School bags must be appropriate to school and free of graffiti.  
  • Rain coats worn to school must be black. Puffer jackets are not part of our uniform.  
  • Only the regulation school scarf is able to be worn. This is available at the uniform shop. 
  • Make-up and/or nail polish should not be worn. 
  • Summer ankle socks should come up above the ankle bone. There should be no visible branding. 
  • The winter skirt/kilt is to come down to mid-calf length and the summer skirt is to be no shorter than 2cm above the knee.  
  • The PE Uniform is not to be worn in class. 
  • The PE Uniform is not to be worn with the blazer. A tracksuit jacket or hoodie is the appropriate article if going to practice.  
  • Regulation school blouses are to be worn with appropriately coloured undergarments. 


  • School shoes should be plain black leather laceups. Mary-Janes and T-bar style shoes are not acceptable, nor are black sports shoes.
  • In Terms 1 and 4 students can wear black Roman sandals.
  • All student must wear closed toe shoes when in the Science lab, Food Technology and Fabrication Technology rooms.
  • Students should wear sports shoes when participating in P.E.


  • Natural: neatly tied back at all times (including to/from school and during PE) if longer than collar length; if dyed, only one colour. Extreme styles/colours are not permitted. 
  • Hair ties and clips should be discreet in colour and design.  


  • A watch, ear studs and one nose stud (not ring) may be worn. No other jewellery is to be worn with the uniform. Earrings must be a matching pair of gold/silver keepers or studs – no more than two in each ear. 
  • Girls may wear one necklace of cultural or religious significance as long as they are discrete. These items should be worn underneath the blouse, not as fashion accessories. 
  • Any jewellery outside of these allowances may be confiscated for half of the current term. 

​​​​​​​Please Also Note: 

  • Correct uniform must be worn for PE.  We recommend PE items are kept in a separate, named bag. 
  • Clearly name all uniform so it can be returned if lost.   
  • A sunhat is compulsory for Year 7 students.
  • ​​​​​​​Year 7 - 10 students are expected to wear a sunhat/cap during PE in summer

The school reserves the right to advise students and whānau when it considers that their appearance does not meet the school regulations.