Pre-pay Meal Canteen Cards:

Purchase a 5 or 10 trip prepay meal Canteen Card so you've got a back up for lunch if the grocery shopping doesn't get done or the pantry is bare towards the end of the week. 

10 x $12.50 combo meal card = $125.00

5 x $12.50 combo meal card = $62.50

There are 3 different $12.50 Combo Meal deals available:

​​​​​​​Meal 1:  Panini, Nippy's Iced Chocolate/Coffee or Lipton Ice Tea & chocolate chip cookie 

Meal 2: *Roll or Sandwich or Warp (chicken/ham/vege), Nippy's Iced Chocolate/Coffee or Lipton Ice Tea & Juicie

Meal 3: Melt, Nippy's Iced Chocolate/Coffee or Lipton Ice Tea & sweet slice 

*Combo Sandwich/Roll/Wrap (Ham/Chicken/Vege)

10 x $6.50 Sandwich/Panini/Roll card = $65.00

5 x $6.50 Sandwich/Panini/Roll card = $32.50 

*Must pre-order at morning tea in the subscription meals bags supplied at the winter servery.

Canteen cards can be purchased in the following ways:

1. Students can pay at the Student Reception with cash or Eftpos

2. Alternatively payment can be made via internet banking to 03 0502 0416145 00  Please use your daughters name and Canteen as a reference. 

(Please note it will take two working days for the money to be processed. When the canteen card is available for pick up from Student Reception your daughter will be advised on the Daily Notices)

​​​​​​​Canteen Pricelist for 2024