Relationships for learning

“Schools are moving away from the notion of a one-way flow of information to two-way, ongoing, genuine information sharing between teachers, parents and whānau. Information sharing and building partnerships is about developing three-way genuine relationships that focus on learning and progress. They’re the kinds of relationships where you know you are working together on something that is really important – a child’s learning and well-being.”

-Ministry Of Education 2019-

Learning Conversations

​​​​​​​Purpose: Provide an opportunity for home and school to connect via your daughters’ Tutor Group teacher. This three- way conversation provides a forum for parents and their daughter to discuss what is on top for the coming year and for the school to gain an awareness of what is happening at home for this student. It allows all three parties to be in one room at one time and to identify upcoming challenges or priorities and to work together to put support in place around these.

Written Reports

Purpose: This real time reporting model provides information for parents about their daughter’s progress, achievement and work habits in the classroom. It provides an opportunity for parents to see the feedback their daughter has been given in class and enables them to have conversations about this learning while it is fresh in their daughter’s mind​​​​​​​

Parent Teacher Interviews

Purpose: These conversations allow parents to share information with subject teachers that they think will help their daughter’s learning. They may also seek additional information and clarification regarding their daughter’s learning if they feel they need it.  It also allows teachers to discuss issues or concerns about a student’s learning and to give advice about how parents can help from home if they feel it is needed.​​​​​​​

Site Sharing

Purpose: Online learning platforms provide a unique opportunity for whānau to engage interactively with their learner’s classwork. All Year 7 and 8 students have a Google site which they can easily share with their whānau at home, and this can be commented on.

Written Reports for 2022

This year St Oran’s College will continue to move towards a more ‘real-time’ reporting system. This means that rather than receiving a formal written report twice a year, you will receive a report when your daughter has been assessed or given learning feedback in a particular subject area.

Why have we moved to ‘real-time reporting’?

The reason for shifting to this system is that the information will be far more up to date, rather than months old (as would have happened in some instances under the old reporting system). Having access to this information in such a timely manner, will allow you to discuss a specific piece of work with your student when it is still fresh in her memory. This will make it easier for you to have meaningful learning conversations with your learner at home and to reinforce the learning that is currently happening in the classroom.

When will I get reports?

Junior Reporting - Years 7 - 10 

Assessment grades will be published on the following dates, with written progress comments published on the dates indicated:

Term 1    Friday 8 April (week 10, achievement grades)

Term 2    Friday 20 May (week 3, achievement grades) 

               Friday 10 June (week 6, achievement grades)

              Thursday 23 June (week 8. All juniors to receive mid-year progress comments prior to Whānau interviews in weeks 9 and 10).

Term 3    Friday 12 August (week 3)

                Friday 2 September (week 6, achievement grades)

                Friday 30 September (week 10, achievement grades)

Term 4     Friday 4 November (week 3, achievement grades)

                Friday 25 November (week 6, achievement grades)

                Tuesday 9 December (week 8, All juniors receive end-of-year progress comments)

You will not receive grades from every subject teacher on every one of these dates. Rather, each subject will report on the date that best fits with their teaching and learning programme. 

Keep an eye on the Friday Flyer as this will remind you to log on and check your student’s report on the dates above.

How do I access Junior reports?

You will access reports in the same way that you have previously - through the EDGE Caregiver Portal. When you go into the reporting tab you will see the reporting dates listed as links to click on. You simply click on the appropriate date and the subject reports that are being released on that date will be sitting there. If you have not accessed the EDGE Caregiver Portal before, then information on how to access this can be found here.

Senior Reporting – Years 11 – 13

All senior reporting will happen live via the EDGE app. Senior progress grades,comments and final assessment grades will be posted at the time they are given to students. 

Please watch this explanatory video to learn how to access these.