Year 13 Lunch Exits and Study Spells 2023

We believe that Year 13 should prepare students for the transition to the world beyond school. One way we promote this is by giving Year 13 students more agency about how they make use of their lunchtimes and study spells. 

Lunch exits:

Year 13 students can leave school to buy their lunch any day of the week when they do not have other commitments. However, they must sign out at the student office, their uniforms must be correct and they must sign back in at the office in time for the spell after lunch.

Study spells:

Students are expected to stay at school for their single study spells, unless they have school business to attend to and have permission from the dean or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Different scenarios:

1. Study in spell 1 on Thursday or Wednesday

On Thursday morning there is no Whānau Group time, so if students have a study spell in spell 1, they do not have to be at school until their first subject class. They must sign in at the student office when they arrive and be on time for their first class.

The same applies to those who have a study in spell 1 on a Wednesday, but only in term 1.

2. A study at the end of the day

If students have a study spell at the end of the day and have no other school commitments, they can sign out once their subject classes have ended.


All students must be at school for House Meetings on Wednesday afternoons in Term 1.

3. A double study during the day

If students have a double study spell during the day, they can sign out, as long as they return and sign back in, in time for their next class. However, they need parental permission to do so - please print and complete this form. The form needs to be handed in to the school office.  

If, as part of this process, students are late to class or do not follow the signing in and out requirements on three occasions, they will lose these privileges.