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​​​​​​​Sport at St Oran's College

Welcome to all students and parents, and a special welcome to those new to St Oran’s.  There is a wide range of choice on offer so be active, be adventurous and try something new.  Have fun, make new friends and enjoy your sport and represent St Oran’s with pride.

Sporting Year

Summer sport is Term 1 and Term 4 and winter sport is Term 2 and Term 3.  Registrations for the complete year are to be done on line Click here and are due no later than Friday 2 February, 2024. 

These registrations are for the complete year, not just for one term.  If you have any queries please contact Barb Bialy, Head of Sport on 0274 184560 or

​​​​​​​Sports Registration

Contained in this information are lists of sports available for summer, winter and all year round.  If you compete in a code other than those listed please register this under Minor/Other code together with an expression of interest to compete in any specific events. This will help when opportunities arise to compete in sanctioned events.

It is important to note that to be eligible to receive any School Award for sport you must represent St Oran’s in that code – the exemption being where we are unable to offer a specific code which is sanctioned by NZSSSC (New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Sports Council).

When completing your registrations for summer and winter sport we ask you to keep in mind that all our coaches and managers are volunteers, and in many cases take time off work to assist with sport.  Therefore, it is important that you take your commitment seriously and make yourself available for all practices and games unless otherwise arranged with your coach and manager.

All sport codes and teams are subject to numbers and availability of coaches and managers.

Please note that the competition days stated are set on historical information and may change slightly – however all students will be notified if this occurs.

Students representing St Oran’s must be in the correct uniform as per the code. These are available for purchase through the uniform shop, unless otherwise stated.

Premier teams will have additional team attire and generic premier uniform items available for purchase through the Sports Office. ​​​​​​​   

  • PE Uniform 
    Worn for sport unless otherwise stated.  
  • Socks 
    With the exception of hockey and football who have uniform socks, all other should be plain white ankle socks.
  • Shoes 
    Please ensure appropriate sports shoes are worn.  Bare feet or socks only are not acceptable at any time for any code. 
  • Polyprops 
    For added warmth a plain black polyprop may be worn underneath uniforms. This is a recognised part of St Oran’s uniform.
  • Supplied Uniforms 
    Supplied uniforms are to be returned in a good and clean condition at the end of the season. Repair or cleaning costs for damaged or unwashed clothing will be reflected on your daughter’s clearance form and subject to the clearance process.
  • St Oran's School Tracksuit and St Oran's Sports Hoodies
    The school tracksuit and/or sports hoodie are to be worn to and from venues and events by all students representing St Oran’s in sport. All teams or individuals competing in     regional, national or international events must have the SOC hoodie.

Loss of Equipment or Uniform

Where equipment and/or uniforms are issued they are the responsibility of the student.  If the items are lost or stolen they will be reflected on your daughter’s clearance form and subject to the clearance process.

A list of fees relating to the various codes is included in the Sports Booklet.

Please think carefully when committing yourself to a sport or sports.  Sports fees will be charged upon registration and billed to you through your term accounts along with your School fees. Please do not send any money with sports registrations.  Refunds will only be issued if we are unable to place you in a team. 

Please note these will not include the cost of one off events or costs associated with teams or individuals travelling to tournaments.

  • Summer Sports - Your registration for summer sport covers both Term 1 and Term 4 and will be billed at the end of Term 1.
  • Winter Sports - Your registration for winter sport covers both Term 2 and Term 3 and will be billed at the end of Term 2.

Students – individuals or in teams attending NZSSSC or any other sanctioned events must be paid in full one week prior to departure.

Those attending NZSSSC sumer and winter tournament week, AIMS games and other sanctioned evetns will be billed up to $500 deposit to their accounts as soon as entry is confirmed.

All money is due in full, one week prior to departure.  After the event, upon reconciliation, any refunds or additional charges will be billed/refunded.

NB: For all students a condition of selection into a Premier Team will be their availability to attend Tournaments.  No refunds of fees or tournament week deposits for withdrawal.​​​​​​​

No Pay No Play

In 2017 the Board of Trustees approved a process called “no pay no participation”.  This means as at 31 December any student with unpaid extra-curricular charges on their account will be ineligible to participate under St Oran’s College in extra-curricular activities.

Trial Dates

Trial dates for all codes, summer and winter are included in this information and will also be posted on the sports notice board and included in the College Newsletter.  Any changes will be notified.  It is in the best interests for students to attend all trials.  If unable to attend a trial students must notify Barb Bialy at least 48 hours before the scheduled trial.

Please see links below for information relating to specific events. Please note, these are subject to change

2024 Summer Sport Trial Times and Dates

2024 Winter Sport Trial Times and Dates 

Sports Notices

All Students should regularly check for any updates in regards to sports.

  • TV Monitor in the gym foyer
  • Daily Notices – read out in Tutor Group each morning.
  • Assemblies
  • Sports Notice Board – Draws

Newsletter and Facebook Page

Regular newsletters and facebook page updates are available on line keeping the community updated on life and events at St Oran’s.  Please keep us informed of your daughter’s achievements so that all relevant information is available when organising the St Oran’s sports and cultural awards evening, end of year prize giving and the College Sport Wellington Sportspersons of the Year Awards.

Coaches, Managers and Officals

For St Oran’s to be able to offer sports we need your support.  Coaches, managers and officials are always in short supply.  Please do not hesitate in coming forward to help out. Basic, refresher and advanced courses are available to you at no cost. Senior students have done a great job in ‘filling the gaps’, however, the reality is that the pressure of juggling their own academic work, culture and sport sometimes takes its toll.


Please be aware that transport to and from venues is your own responsibility.  Demands on the School vans are becoming greater and greater and the need cannot always be met.

Adults are able to drive the school vans, if available, to transport teams but for insurance purposes must first supply a copy of their full drivers licence, (front and back).  Please leave a copy at the school office or scan and email to Barb Bialy, Head of Sport at .  

Sports Booklet 2024

College Sport Risk and Safety Management Action Plan